You Are Why I Do What I Do

How you helped Inspired Apple become a reality.

Everyone who visits Inspired Apple knows that they are getting a unique product worthy of the most dedicated educators, students, and all who simply want a bit more joy in their everyday life.

-DeVona Williams
Inspired Apple Creator

When I created Inspired Apple, I was an educator with more than 20 years of service.  I made handmade items for my own personal use both in and outside of the classroom.  I also liked to make my handmade gifts for a few close friends.

Then one day…

After using a very expensive name brand planner, I decided that I could design one that better fit my needs as a teacher.   I was concerned that it might be more than I could manage, but of course, that never stopped me before! So, I set off to begin my creation, tweaking it until I was finally happy with my design.  Now, how would others feel about it?  That had me feeling a bit unsure.

After getting such positive feedback while using my new teacher planner, I realized that other educators were interested in planners and other items that they could bring into their own classrooms too! 

I decided…

To create the most beautiful, teacher-friendly planners and products that would make the “classroom life” just a bit more wonderful. I knew this would be the start of something amazing!

Along this journey, I continue to grow, create and develop new products that I hope you love.  A person who is filled with joy can now give joy back to others.  I hope that Inspired Apple can help you find a small piece of that!