Fluent Foundations mixes engaging decodable passages with literacy-building activities.

Levels 1-5: The Complete Set contains 76 informational and narrative decodable texts.  Each story follows the included scope and sequence and builds upon previously learned skills.



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Bundle the entire  Fluent Foundations decodable text series Levels 1-5 This bundle contains  76 Decodable Passages, Lesson Planners, and Student Resources.  Give your students a literacy roadmap complete with decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills backed by the Science of Reading research.  In addition, our Instructor Guide provides you with phonemic exercises, vocabulary support, and comprehension checks, ensuring seamless lesson planning for educators. Elevate learning with Word Cards and a Resource Activity Bank. In addition to the passages and activities, you will find the Scope and Sequence to help you pave the way for a solid literacy foundation. Grab a mirror and use the included Learning Mats to delve deeper into sound, sound-spelling discovery, and letter formation- including manuscript and cursive handwriting strokes.

Explore Fluent Foundations today, where literacy meets science-backed teaching excellence. Level up your intervention groups and beginning student readers as you embark on a literacy journey with the Fluent Foundations Bundled Set.

Included in Decodable Readers Bundle:

  • All 76 Decodable Student Passages:  Ready to print and go- make a reader of full-color texts or black and white.
  • Instructor Guides: A copy of student passages and lesson planner, including phonemic exercises, vocabulary, and comprehension checks with answer keys.
  • Word Cards: Preprinted sight words that can be used to build automaticity.  Additionally, blank cards are included.
  • A Resource Activity Bank: A collection of Fluency and Vocabulary ideas.  Get your reader going with prosody, expression, and word knowledge.
  • Learning Mat Sets:  Add the Learning Mats to sheet protectors for a quick, effective student resource binder.  Each story’s targeted phoneme, letter combination, or targeted skill is highlighted.
  • The Fluent Foundations Scope and Sequence:  In a systematic approach, we start you with the most basic phoneme sounds and build from there.

Who is Fluent Foundations Decodable Text For?

This series is ideal for:

Early Elementary Educators:

Equip yourself with a research-backed tool designed to enhance decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills. The comprehensive Instructor Guide streamlines lesson planning, making it an invaluable asset for planning for those intervention groups.

Parents of Emerging Readers:

Support your child’s literacy journey with confidence. Fluent Foundations offers a structured approach to reading, thus ensuring that young readers grasp essential skills with engaging decodable passages.

Literacy Specialists and Interventionists:

Address the diverse needs of learners with targeted resources. Fluent Foundations serves as a powerful intervention tool, with a Scope and Sequence that aligns seamlessly with evidence-based practices, making it an essential addition to any literacy intervention toolkit.

Special Education Teachers:

Cater to the individual needs of diverse learners. The carefully curated passages and inclusive resources provide a supportive framework for students with varying abilities, fostering a positive and effective learning experience.

Homeschooling Families:

Make Fluent Foundations a cornerstone supplement to your homeschooling curriculum. Fluent Foundations offers a structured and comprehensive approach to literacy education, providing both the guidance and materials needed for successful at-home learning.

Fluent Foundations is designed for those who believe in the transformative power of literacy and are dedicated to building a strong foundation for a lifetime of reading success. Whether you’re in the classroom, a small group table, or at the kitchen table, empower your learners with the tools they need to become confident, fluent readers.

Your key to decoding success starts here!

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